Final Evaluation Mission of the project “IMCAN II: Preventing violent extremism and fostering social cohesion in groups at risk of social exclusion”.

30 June 2023
Novact – International Institute for Nonviolent Action promotes international peace building actions in conflict situations. The Institute has been created through the collective effort of those active in international civil society to contribute to a peaceful, just, and dignified world.

This evaluation mission that was conducted under the authority of NOCACT in June 2023, generally aims to promote an enabling environment for human rights defenders (HRDs) advocating for improved social justice and democratic governance with a gender perspective and more specifically to strengthen the role of young HRDs in Tunisia as drivers of social change and a vital force by enhancing community resilience against authoritarianism and violent extremism. These objectives are being implemented through 1. Promoting a culture of human rights and non-violence in highly vulnerable communities and 2. Enhancing the protection of HRDs’ right to protest, particularly in light of COVID-19-related restrictions and the ongoing non-violent uprising in Tunisia.