Final Evaluation Mission of the project “IMCAN I: Preventing violent extremism and fostering social cohesion in groups at risk of social exclusion”.

31 May 2023
Novact – International Institute for Nonviolent Action promotes international peace building actions in conflict situations. The Institute has been created through the collective effort of those active in international civil society to contribute to a peaceful, just, and dignified world.

This mission was mandated by ICNL and was conducted in May 2023.

The final external evaluation of the project “IMCAN: Preventing Violent Extremism and Promoting Social Cohesion in Socially Excluded Groups” aims to assess the coherence, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, impact, and inclusivity of the project concerning its overall objective and key results, in line with OECD-DAC evaluation criteria. Therefore, this final external evaluation aims to assess the quality of project implementation and highlight key insights gained from the project. It serves as a relevant learning tool to understand the operation, results, and effects of the intervention to guide future actions, while also providing accountability to stakeholders involved in the intervention.