Transportation of women working in agriculture : Towards formalization and establishment of rights

30 April 2023
Aswat Nissa is a Tunisian feminist non-governmental organization. Founded in 2011, it is independent of any political influence. Inclusive, it advocates the integration of the gender approach into public policies, encouraging Tunisian women to raise their voices and take their rightful place in public and political life. "Aswat Nissa" translates from Arabic into French as "voix de femmes".
A knowledge base on public policies in Tunisia.

The mission conducted on behalf of Aswat Nissa in April 2023 aims to propose realistic and feasible solutions to address the issue of transporting female agricultural workers and the economic violence they face. Specific objectives of the mission included linking economic violence to the transportation problem, analyzing deficiencies in relevant laws and regulations, showcasing successful comparative experiences, and formulating recommendations for national and local authorities related to agricultural worker transportation and socioeconomic rights.

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