MedTown National Workshop- Social Entrepreneurship

30 March 2023
TCSE’s mission is to create an ecosystem conducive to innovation and social entrepreneurship through an inclusive approach that expands to reach public institutions and policies, NGOs, entrepreneurs, innovators and young citizens.

The mission aims at supporting the TCSE in the implementation of co-production initiatives in the regions of Tunisia, Manouba and Mahdia and conducted between November and March 2023.

More specifically, after attending the online TOT provided by the MedTown team and later the physical TOT in Seville, Pandora Team has prepared and delivered a national workshop to the target groups (public sector, private sector, and CSO representatives). This workshop aimed to impart knowledge to participants to help them co-produce initiatives in their regions after the training with the support of TCSE. It also aimed to bring together the various players in the ecosystem to train their representatives to lead and implement inclusive initiatives, activities and projects carried out locally. After completion of the national workshop, Pandora team provided support to the local facilitators in the 3 intervention zones to help implement the co-production methodology in their regions and entrepreneurial consultancy. . Finally, Pandora team actively exchanged with the MedTown partners through participation in the community of practice Community Of Practice platform.