Analysis of UNFPA Tunisia’s Partner’s organizational capacities and elaboration of an adapted support plan.

31 December 2022
This study was mandated by the UN Fund For Population Development

This mission was mandated by UNFPA and conducted between June and December 2023.

The general objective of the mission is to proceed, jointly with the Tunisian Association of Midwives (ATSF) to a structural (organization chart, definition/adjustment of identitý and mission) and executive analysis of the association (administrative and financial management, etc.), its capacities, existing strengths and limitations at various levels in order to draw up a support and organizational development plan adapted to the needs identified.

The specific objectives of the mission are as follows:

– Hold a debriefing session with UNFPA Tunisia and ATSF to better understand the mission’s needs and expectations

– Systematically review and assess ATSF’s existing organizational structure: identity, strategic positioning, communication strategy, action plans, and all relevant organizational documents and tools

– Systematically review and assess ASTF’s executive capacities: Human resources, administrative and financial management capacities, fund-raising/financial research and project implementation and monitoring

– Present and discuss the results of the analysis and recommendations at a dedicated session to be organized by UNFPA and ATSF and propose a detailed organizational support/development plan tailored to ATSF in the light of the analysis established and taking into account the different needs of the organization.